Kishore was born on 17 December 1966 as the third of four children in the illustrious Nagappa family. His grandfather, Late M.S. Nagappa, and father, Late Jayaram Nagappa, were master sculptors and artists. Kishore was the only one in his generation that exhibited signs of naturally possessing the sculptor acumen.

By the age of eight, while boys his age rode bicycles and played hide-and-seek, Kishore spent time in the studio with his grandfather and father, keenly observing them as they made statues. As his father gave finishing touches to the front of the statue, Kishore would work on the rear. He was less than 12 when he moulded a fine figure of the Mahatma out of mud – to him, it was child’s play. He did not undergo any formal training in sculpting. His father always believed that if it was in him to become a sculptor, he would – no training could ‘make’ a sculptor. Fortunately, living on the studio premises gave him long hours to spend with the statues.

He started regular schooling in St. Bede’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School and graduated in Economics from Loyola College, Chennai. All through these years, he continued to assist his father and grandfather as they made moulds and sculptures. His natural instinct and skill was honed finer and finer during this time. Not surprisingly, his heart lay far from the formal education he underwent. He returned to his childhood game and hobby and made it his profession. He took over the studio.

Success in the form of recognition of his work came naturally. However, as with any good artist, he faced commercial difficulties. The dearth for patronization of the art and difficulty in getting finely skilled labour came in the way of the studio’s growth. Technological improvements have been difficult to make. Despite the odds, the humble, down-to-earth Kishore simply believes in continuing to do what he does best – creating masterpiece after masterpiece.

His works communicate his passion for the art-form. The expressive subtlety in depth and curves in his bronzes are surprisingly life-like. What inspires him? - The mystery of creation itself!

He aspires to set up a museum following the MadameTussaud’s model.

He lives a quiet life in Chennai with his lovely wife, Kalpana and young son, Harish.

Join him at and learn more about him and the current news about his work; tour his studio and find out how he can work with your organization in the art design process.

  Biography written by Ms. Yamuna Harsha